6 Arab short films competing in GFF 2020 with very compelling storylines.

With the fourth edition of El Gouna Film Festival currently in progress, we thought we’d share with you the Arab films competing in the 2020 Short films competition.

Their plot lines are quite compelling and we’re proud to see such great masterpieces being appreciated and nominated.



This short film follows Adam, who—after being separated for 82 days—decides to venture a rough road to be reunited with the one he loves. The coming-of-age story tackles several social issues and the challenges faced by youth. It is the first Egyptian film to be selected for the Official Short Film Competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 50 years.

Film Info:


Length:15 min

Language: Arabic

Country: Egypt, France, Belgium

Director: Sameh Alaa

Screenplay:Sameh Alaa

Cinematography: Giorgos Valsamis

Editing: Yasser Azmy

Producer: Muhammad Taymour, Martin Jérôme

Production Company: Les Cigognes Films, Fig Leaf Studios

Sound: Moataz Al Qammari, Sameh Nabil

Cast: Seif Hemeda, Nourhan Ahmed



When Nashaat’s daughter is viciously attacked by his neighbors’ dog, he is aggrieved to hear claims that she provoked the attack. Unreconciled emotions lead to a heated confrontation with his ex- wife, leaving the cornered father with no choice but to take out frustrations on the perpetrator.

Year: 2020

Length: 11 min

Language: Arabic

Country: Egypt

Director: Sandro Canaan

Screenplay:Sandro Canaan

Cinematography: Guido Raimondo

Editing: Nancy Fares

Producer: Kawthar Younis

Production Company: Two Stories Productions

Sound: Cedric Kayem

Cast: Tarek Abd El Aziz, Dora Youssef, Mohiy Dorgham



Beirut 2019, during the revolution. On her way back from a protest, Farah, a Lebanese activist, and her French-Lebanese boyfriend Anthony are stopped at a roadblock held by two armed militiamen who have a bone to pick with Farah.

Year: 2020

Length: 16 min

Language: Arabic, French

Country: Lebanon

Director: Dahlia Nemlich

Screenplay: Pascale Seigneurie

Cinematography: Fatma Racha Shehadeh

Music: Zeid Hamdan

Editing: Adam Jammal

Producer: Marine Vaillant, Zayn Alexander

Production Company: Dewberries

Sound: Nadim Maalouf

Cast: Ahmed Hammadi Chassin, Julian Farhat, Pascale Seigneurie, Mohamad Yassine



In present-day Beirut, Hoda secretly goes to report a crime her husband committed, but she is faced with unexpected consequences.

Year: 2020

Length: 14 min

Language: Arabic

Country: Lebanon, Jordan

Director: Farah Shaer

Screenplay: Farah Shaer

Cinematography: Julien Kai

Editing: Farah Shaer

Producer: Lucien Bourjeily

Sound: Haitham Atme

Cast: Vanessa Mghames, Jean Paul Hage, Hussein Hijazi



A winter night. A crucial match: two countries compete for the only qualifying ticket for the FIFA world cup. A man drives his car through deserted streets. Two policemen on patrol listen to the game on their car radio, until the transmission is interrupted.

Year: 2020

Length: 20 min

Language: Arabic

Country: Tunisia

Director: Sami Tilili

Screenplay: Sami Tilili

Cinematography: Hatem Nechi

Editing: Malek Chatta

Producer: Imed Marzouk

Production Company: Propaganda Production

Cast: Majd Mastoura



Imed, a young father, finding himself alone for a few days with his five year old son due to his wife’s business trip, will have to confront his deepest fear.

Year: 2020

Length: 15 min

Language: Arabic

Country: Tunisia, France

Director: Anissa Daoud

Screenplay: Anissa Daoud

Cinematography: Hazem Berrabah

Music: Jawhar Basti, Jean-Charles Bastion

Editing: Malek Chatta

Producer: Lotfi Achour, Sébastien Hussenot, Anissa Daoud

Production Company: The Artistes Producteurs Associés (A.P.A.), La Luna Productions

Sound: Romain Poirier

Cast: Mohamed Dahech, Sami Khelifi