Throughout history, when times are challenging, the world goes looking for heroes. And this year searches for heroes — both superheroes and everyday heroes — soared around the world. Explore more trends from the year.

Google points out that the “top trending searches” are not the terms that were searched for the most, rather they are the search terms that saw their traffic spike in 2019 compared to the number of times they were searched for in 2018.

Here is what was globally trending on google in 2019

Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 11.48.23 AM.png

Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 11.50.11 AM.png

Here is what was trending in Egypt on google in 2019

1) مباريات الدوري المصري
2) نتيجة الثانوية العامة
3) الأهلي ضد الهلال
4) محمد علي
5) كأس الأمم الأفريقية
6) مسلسل زلزال
7) الهيئة الوطنية للانتخابات
8) اغنية مافيا
9) عمرو وردة
10) Thanos

Google Trends is an incredible tool that allows you to look up the relative search volume of anything.

Now, you can probably start seeing why this is a huge tool for content marketers. It provides free, highly customizable, and authoritative data that is reliable as it comes from Google.

Moreover; as people continue to look for information in new and innovative ways, Google Search keeps evolving to make this information accessible and useful to all.

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Author: Omar Osman