Joyner Lucas continues his hot-streak from his well-received “Will” music video by dropping his extremely long-awaited ADHD LP.

Hello Epicbeaters, we hope you are all home and safe with your beloved families. Today we will be dissecting rap superstar Joyner Lucas’ latest project.

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The 18-track album features collaborations with Young Thug, Logic, Chris Brown, Fabolous and King OSF. It also features a few skits that we will be omitting. The album is jam-packed with hits and we suggest you give it a quick listen before continuing this review.

The album starts with a skit setting-up the ADHD theme the album is seemingly based on.

I Lied” is the first track on the album and it is a hard, honest glance at Joyner’s newfound fame. He openly admits that fame and fortune have changed him. It is mainly a “success anthem” from the Massachusetts-bread lyricist.

The third single from the album, “Isis” is a declaration of the end of Joyner’s beef with Logic. It has a constant-killer flow from both artists.

The War” takes its foot of the gas pedal for a few minute, and sets the mood with a smooth blend of semi-R&B accompanied by Joyner’s sleek auto tuned hook.

Released almost a year-and-a-half-ago, “I Love” was our first look into ADHD. On it, the Worcester rapper delivers a very melodic/infectious hook, flows that range from fast to slow, and most importantly, fierce competitive lyrics aimed at his competition.

Probably the best-executed track on the album, “Devil’s Work” is heavily influenced by recent tragic deaths of rappers such as XXXTENTACION and Nipsey Hussle. The instrumentals are as dramatic as the lyrics and Joyner delivers those lyrics with intense emotion. He sounds more alive rapping about the dead than he does rapping about anything else.

On the album’s eighth track, “Lotto”, Joyner leans more towards a trap-sounding beat with a subtle orchestral tune to it. He spits strong bars for four verses, where he flexes his intense flow and bluntly emphasizes his success in the industry.

Not the first pick of the bunch, “Gold Mine” has a heavy 808-trap beat to it. Where Lucas flaunts his wealth, power, and empire.

On their fifth collaborative track, “Finally,” Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown celebrate their long-awaited freedom. The duo make the effort to disconnect from the fast-paced nature of their lives and reflect on successes. And those Brizzy moans just add more spice to an already FIRE track!

Probably the most disappointing song on the album. “10 Bands” did not live to its hype. For someone with Timbaland’s portfolio, this track is a straight L for us, even Joyner couldn’t save it.

After the worst comes the utmost best. “Revenge” is 100% PURE SUBJECTIVE RAP. That dark piano aesthetic intro is where Joyner finally sounds like where he belongs. This track is where we finally are taken through Joyner’s struggles with ADHD and its effects. Definitely our favorite!

On the titular track of this album. Lucas speaks about his struggles with his mental disorder and how it affected his daily life. “ADHD” was rumored to be featuring legendary Detroit rapper Eminem, but ended up as a solo track from Lucas.

On “Still Can’t Love” Joyner teams with King OSF and Fabolous on to express, their troubles in finding a connection with a love interest past physical attraction. The artists sorrowfully discuss that their partners lack traits of trustworthiness and integrity, preferring to spend money and party over developing a mental and secure relationship.

Will” A masterpiece of a tribute to Joyner’s idol Will Smith. The track is packed with references to Will Smith’s career in movies, television, and music. And Lucas provides the best beat on the album to back it up. Oh, and we forgot to mention, the music video is simply brilliant!!

Broke and Stupid” is kind of like an exhibition for Joyner Lucas. On it, he hurls out bars utilizing a consistent flow, touches on powerful topics such as overcoming hate and embracing change. However, most importantly, he spits with this level of electricity that is just as impressive as it is infectious.


There you have it fam. That was our track-by-track review for ADHD.

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Author: Omar Aref