Bermuda Triangle: Mysteries That Never Unraveled

Bermuda Triangle, probably the biggest mystery on planet earth. Which is located in the western region of the Atlantic Ocean. There are many speculations made about the place, but no one actually knows for sure the real reason behind the non explainable disappearances. Many theories say that ships and planes get affected by electromagnetic waves, which causes disturbances to the compass. Which causes said planes and ships to go off course, leading to their disappearance. While others say that there is something paranormal going on. From a legendary monster in the deep blue devouring whole ships, to alien abduction, and even portals that takes planes and ships to another dimension. Despite all these speculations around Bermuda Triangle, they all agree on something. Something is really creepy happening in this place.

Throughout the years, a number of ships have went missing without a trace.

And it goes back to Christopher Columbus! As it was documented, that while sailing near the Bermuda Triangle, he spotted something falling out of the sky. Till this day there is no explanation for what he saw as.

Now buckle up and get ready for some real spooky stories! regarding the many mysteries that occurred In the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle also creepily known as the Devil’s Triangle. From the disappearance of a US Naval force ship to 5 planes disappearing at the same time and many more.

But be sure to keep on reading till the end because we are saving the creepiest, most spine chilling story for last. Really, we’re not kidding its actually wild…

Witchcraft Yacht 1967

Witchcraft was a 23-foot long luxury cabin cruiser owned by Burrack, owner of a hotel. On the 22nd of December 1967, he invited his close friend Father Patrick Horgan to see the Christmas lights along the shoreline of Miami during the night. Their plan was not to go too much off shore. Instead they would go off shore for about a mile, turn off the engine and enjoy the Christmas lights.

They left the Miami shore in the evening and all was fine until 9pm, when the Miami coast guards received a call from Burrack. It wasn’t an SOS, his voice was very much steady and calm. He said that his ship has hit something and that it wasn’t an emergency, and he wanted to get his ship towed back to shore. At that time, they were not even a mile off shore. He also mentioned that he has flare guns to help the coast guards identify his exact location.

In about 19 minutes, the coast guards were able to go to the location where they received the message, but the yacht was nowhere to be found. Neither did Burrack fire any flare guns nor was his voice ever heard again.

 That night the coast guards continued their search covering around 1,200 square miles, but there was no trace of the Witchcraft nor the two that were on board.

The Flight of Douglas Dakota 1948

On December 28 1948, the flight of Douglas Dakota took off from San Juan airport of Puerto Rico to Miami, Florida. While it was only 50 miles south of Florida, it sent its last message indicating its position. 20 minutes later, the plane disappeared with no trace and till this day the whereabouts of its 28 passengers and 3 crew members are unknown.

Carroll A. Deering 1921

Carroll A. Deering was a large ship, 255 feet long and more than 44 feet wide, why is it connected to the Bermuda Triangle and considered a ghost ship? Well because it passed through a large stretch on the area only to be found wrecked and abandoned from all its crew members that were nowhere to be found.

The Bruce Gernon Incident 1970

Pilot Bruce Gernon had experienced a phenomenon like no other while flying off the Florida coast. During his flight, the plane flew through some clouds. But something caught Bruce’s eyes. While the plane was flying through the clouds he saw some weird flashes, his initial thought was that it was some sort of thunderstorm. But all of a sudden the clouds joined together and formed a tunnel. He kept flying through and came out exactly 30 minutes later to find out that he reached his destination way earlier than expected. Yes, he actually TIME TRAVELLED!

Disappearance of Star Tiger 1948

On January 30th 1948, the star tiger plane was on its way to Bermuda after a long flight from Santa Maria from Azores which typically lasts about 12-hours long. At exactly 3:15 AM, the radio operator made contact with the plane and everything went fine. The plane was set to land in Bermuda at 5AM. Meaning in just one and a half hours the 25 passengers on board would see the marine lights of Bermuda. But it was well past 5 AM and the plane never landed. Till this day, nothing is known about the whereabouts of the plane and the 25 passengers on board.

USS Cyclops 1918

The USS Cyclops is US Naval Force carrier that supplied fuel to the American fleet during World War 1. And marks the biggest loss of human life in the US Navy that doesn’t involve any combat whatsoever. On March 4th it set sail and was scheduled to reach Baltimore on March 13th. But, yes you guessed it. It disappeared without a trace and was never heard of again. A massive search involving every ship from the Naval Forces in Cuba and Puerto Rico for Cyclops, expecting that it might have fallen prey by the German Naval Forces. But nothing was found.

The Lost Patrol (Flight-19) 1945

The saga of Flight-19 remains one of the biggest mysteries regarding the Bermuda Triangle. Flight-19 was a codename for 5 Avenger bombing planes that took off from the Naval base at Florida on December 5th 1945, but never returned. The US Navy final report regarding Flight-19 stated “Reasons Unknown” when citing the cause of the incident, thus it became know as The Lost Patrol.

Ellen Austin & The Ghost Ship 1881

Now it’s time for the big one. All of these stories left us in awe,but the story of Ellen Austin & The ghost ship always leaves us feeling uneasy and freaked out.

The Ellen Austin was a 210-foot ship and weighing over 1,800 tons. The ship was manufactured back in 1854, and mainly sailed from London to New York over the Bermuda Triangle zone. During one of the ship’s trips, it came across another ship in the Atlantic Ocean. This unknown ship was sailing aimlessly. And what was even stranger, is that it was completely abandoned. And no one was on board but it was still seaworthy.

In order to salvage the ship, the captain sent a prize crew (salvage crew) on board the unknown ship. When the crew boarded the ship, they indeed confirmed that there was not a single soul on board. But what was strange is that all of the crew’s personal belongings and food rations were still on the ship. The only two things that were missing were the captain’s logbook and the ship’s nameplate. Also, the crew said that there were no sign of any acts of violence. The crew just simply vanished.

The captain ordered the salvage crew to guide the unnamed ship so that they could sail together to New York. But after 2 days, a sea storm separated the two ships. After the storm passed, the unnamed ship was nowhere to be seen. Several days later, the captain spotted the unnamed ship, again it was sailing aimlessly. And again, the entire crew left by the captain of Ellen Austin was nowhere to be found. Just like the first time…yeah that’s creepy. The captain of the Ellen Austin tried to convince another crew to board the ship, being scared from what happened. They all refused and the Ellen Austin left the ghost ship behind and eventually moved on.

This concludes our article on the mystery of Bermuda Triangle! and yes it was intentional for us to leave the creepiest story for last. Sorry not sorry

Bon Voyage everybody!