We’ve had a long day, don’t know about you but we’re exhausted and super temped to just fall face first into our covers. But that isn’t how things work which is why we need to set some ground rules. Night routines are essentially more important than morning routines themselves. Hear me out. Once in a while if you fall asleep without removing your makeup its going to clog your pores and your skin will start to break out, dry skin will begin to pile up creating “ashy” looking skin which is not something we want. Not maintaining your night routine could potentially affect you long term. Without further a-do lets jump right into it.

Warm showers

Warm water aids in natural thermoregulation, when you shower with warm water your body heats up, and when you get out the water evaporates from your skin cooling you down which signals your brain that its time to sleep. Opens your sinuses.


An exfoliator is excellent for removing any excess dry skin that may be clogging your pores and leaves your skin with a smooth surface. choosing to exfoliate in the shower is the best option due to the hot water opening up all your pores allowing more gunk to be yanked out.

Post-shower Care

The usual post shower care such as brushing your teeth, applying lotion to your entire body, deodorant, hand cream, foot cream, acne treatments, face mask, hair mask etc. once your post shower care moving on to hair care and your one step closer to bed!

Hair Care

If you’ve just washed your hair within your hair cycle, blowdrying it after applying your hair serum is super important especially because you don’t want to go to bed with wet hair you could get a cold and we want to avoid that completely.


Before bed I don’t want to get too heavy just because I don’t want the product to transfer to the pillow so what we do is lightly happy an acne treatment, followed by an eye cream, a toner as well as a moisturizer. To keep my skin moisturized while still allowing the skin to breathe.

5 steps can be completed in less than 30 min depending on how quick you are in getting everything done and depending on the day in the week. However a nightly routine is very difficult to master because depending on who you are your nightly routine can vary. However hopefully this general guide helps you plan your nightly routine. Best of luck and good night.

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Article by: Amanda Aziz