This topic might be contradicting what most people view the situation we are in right now but thinking about it, this might be what you’ve been waiting for, for years. We’ve always told ourselves that if we only got a few days off we would do this or that. From learning an instrument to painting or reading a book and once we had a few days we felt guilty for not spending time with our families or visiting grandma or going out to pay the bills or studying.

Now we have absolutely nothing to do and this is probably the first time in years you sat down with your family to watch a movie and had dinner together. Probably the first time in ages you all went to spend a few days together at your grandmas or your second home playing card games. Look around you, when was the last time you had this?

Humanity found a way to make it feel like Christmas.


We went back to being social more than we were when we had freedom. We started talking to friends we haven’t been in touch with, we solve each other’s puzzles that we post on the Facebook page. We realized how Doctors, nurses, and policemen were underrated while actors and singers were exaggerated and payment wasn’t close to fair.


People died every single day from many diseases yet we never notice because we never thought that just maybe we are next but now we feel each other and worry about how our negative choices affect one another and maybe eventually harm people we love.


Corona didn’t just open our eyes and hearts, corona brought back humanity and unity, it brought back a planet that we abused to a lower 40% pollution, making it safer for our kids and maybe grandkids.


This is a restart button for all of us as the economy and our life slowly get back to how it was, but the question here do we want it to? Or do we want it much better now that we know how small things were taken for granted? It’s up to you and I think now you know how valuable your actions are and you’re not just merely a voice in the crowd.

Author: Peter