This pandemic is coming quick and deadly which is why we want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe until this is over.

We want to share with you the essentials you should keep in your purse or handbag to make sure you stay sanitized and safe.

We should already be taking these precautions to stay safe considering germs are literally everywhere, however with these extra precautions we are sure to prevent getting any nasty viruses that could potentially affect our health in the short term or long term.

When it comes to COVID-19 before sanitizing anything you should know what precautions to take in order to understand how you can get it. When traveling or going out (which shouldn’t be the case because we’re self quarantined) you should pay close attention to maintaining a healthy distance with people who are sick, and if you are sick making sure you’re also maintaining a healthy distance away from others to protect them from getting sick as well.

Covering your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing is something that shouldn’t even need to be said considering.

Washing hands often, with warm water and soap to rid germs, making sure to clean in-between the hard to reach areas like in between your fingers, back of your hand as well as under your nails. One thing that sure helps us out is singing your favorite song while washing your hands to make sure your extra safe.

Practicing safe and healthy habits like avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth which I know is difficult if you have falsies on or if you have any facial piercings but it’s a step that goes a long way for sure.

Making sure you get plenty of sleep, be physically active, managing your stress, drink plenty of fluids and eat tons of nutritious foods.

We here at epic beat want you ladies and gentleman to stay safe out there. without further a-do let’s get into the things we keep in our purse to take those extra precautions.



I’m not sure you were aware but an average hand carries about 1,500 bacteria per square centimeter on the skin of our hands which is super gross. EW. Which is why single use wipes are the best options due to re-sealable wipes they collect a lot more bacteria than single use. This way you’re sanitizing your hands and your tossing any remains in the rubbish.



Tissues are a must especially when it comes to weather change in the switch from winter to summer allergies usually flare up which is why having tissues is a good idea in case you need to sneeze, cough or blow your nose.

Lush soaps 


Lush is an amazing company to support because they are an all natural company that is partially vegan and it also supports non-animal testing. With all of that, they have an excellent variety of products where you can purchase by the gram along with a travel container to store your products in. Which includes soaps, shampoos, conditioners, solid lotions etc…One thing I highly recommend is carrying a bar of soap with you at all times, you don’t want to be carrying around another persons germs from bathroom to bathroom this way you stay neat and clean.

Persuadable soap sheets


If you have a purse on the smaller side of things, it usually means you won’t be able to carry a travel container with a bar of soap which is why soap sheets are a nifty idea that was created not long ago and since then has been an essential in our lives when it comes to staying sanitized.


A few pairs of rubber gloves are a great idea to carry around with you if you are traveling in the city. To be frank; door handles, escalator handles, railings, stop walk buttons are filthy and we don’t want you transferring whatever is on there to your face or your eyes or worse, others.



This is self explanatory, however there is a certain rule you should keep in mind. Not all masks can prevent COVID-19 because the bacteria is less than 9 mm and when it comes to regular masks that you can get from your pharmacist, doctor, or even a nail salon they do indeed help prevent bacteria from entering your mouth but only bacteria that is larger than 9 mm which does nothing for #coronavirus so please consult your doctor to see which mask is the best option when it comes to protecting yourself as well as your loved ones.

Vitamin C Pills 


Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system when it comes to getting sick is super important. You can naturally get vitamin c from foods such as, oranges and lemons. These help boost your immune system so that you could prevent getting sick or have a higher tolerance towards it.

Alcohol spray 


Alcohol spray, or in other words spray hand sanitizer is an excellent way to make sure your hands are 99.9% clean if there is no option to wash your hands. However like we stated, we always recommend hand washing over sanitizer but if that isn’t immediately available to you.

Taking precautions are important even though the changes of you getting corona virus is 1 in 468 chance of dying from corona virus it is expected that 10% of the world will be infected and 2% will die, however it is inevitable to know who exactly will be within the 2% or even 10% which is why these precautions are important.

Stay safe and be sure to share these tips and tricks with your friends, family and peers to spread the word.

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Once again good luck

Stay safe

-A Out.