With our careers and education on hold, we have no choice but to cocoon at home. Whether you’re obligated to remote-work, attend online lectures, or even workout, we fall back on our menial pass-times to get us through this foreign period. I’m talking about streaming.

Subsequently, we’ll spend the most hours on Netflix and YouTube like never before. Because there’s nothing else to do! This unanimous action taken by the considerate quarantine-ers in Europe has proven to cause heavy strain on the continent’s internet infrastructure.

This is why EU’s internet market commissioner, Thierry Breton, has called upon streaming giants to discuss tactical solutions against this potential conundrum.

Consequently, YouTube has switched streaming quality to Standard Definition by default for 30 days, across all of Europe. So did Netflix, as confirmed by CEO Reed Hastings after speaking with commissioner Breton.

Amazon has also made a statement regarding the matter. “Prime Video is working with local authorities and Internet Service Providers where needed to help mitigate any network congestion, including in Europe where we’ve already begun the effort to reduce streaming bitrates whilst maintaining a quality streaming experience for our customers.” An Amazon Prime spokesperson said after contacting the commissioner as well.

This intense usage is problematic as an internet failure could interrupt entire remote work and communication across all over Europe.

These decisions were taken in accordance with EU’s internal market and for the sake preserving communication and connectivity between organizations and individuals across Europe, amidst this unprecedented global pandemic. It’s reassuring and uplifting to see these decision taken amicably with positive reception from users and affected parties. This is how we’ll get through this – with a level head and understanding.

Stay safe, and stay EPIC!

Author: Ezz