Goooooood Morning Epic beaters, to those waking up early for work or those sleeping in or those currently waking up on the beach. All our morning routines are different, but they all feature the similar things such as brushing our teeth, washing our face or showering etc. Here at epic beat our mornings are super important, we need to be alert, awake and most importantly in the mood to come to work because as you know our job is to produce content for our lovely viewers such as yourselves. We’re going to share with you our daily morning routine when it comes to being productive; lets jump right into it.


First thing’s first is lagging. What I mean by lagging is the confusion of waking up early where the first thoughts that pop into ming would be “why am I even alive” or “Why can’t I just be a couch potato” and don’t forget the “what year is it” this is the acceptance period where you need to have a pep talk with your subconscious and say “alright we need to get up…..but like not now so like I’m going to get up in 5 minutes “ then those 5 minutes turn into 10 minutes then you accidentally sleep in and now you’ve got 10 min to get dressed and get through that door. Don’t be like that. Its fine to lag for 5-10 minutes I mean hey its totally normal, but setting your sleeping schedule is super important, sleeping early and waking up early is super healthy long term and you’ll actually be able to tell how much energy you’ve got.


After lagging you get a certain type of energy that you need to get out of bed and order to get out of bed what we actually do is A mini work out to start our day which usually consists of about 10 push-ups 15 jump ropes and 20 crunches. To get all our muscles started for the day. This actually tends to help when getting your mind started as well. Not only are you toning your muscles slowly yet surely but your also jumpstarting yourself to a healthier life.

Morning shower

I’m not shower in the morning is Completely necessary because you wake up in the morning feeling super fatigued and you need some thing as a refresher so if you could properly wake up from just washing your face then totally fine however if you need a little bit more of a wake up I was just jumping into a shower and that way you can feel completely refreshed to start your day 

In the morning we try to get everything done as quick as possible because we usually give ourselves a window of about an hour to two hours before We have to leave the house which means when your in the shower try to  brush your teeth, wash your face, scrub your body and shave all in the shower. This way you can get everything done as quick as possible without actually having to get out and do all that and then jumping back into the shower. Once you’re out of the shower it moisturize your skin put your skin care on and do your make up for the day all while trying to choose your outfit


depending on the day the weather and where I’m going my outfit always depends on that so If you’re heading to work I would go with something that’s comfortable yet still classy which you could either do a pair of jeans and a blouse, with the spring coming up if you’re going to go to a brunch with a couple of friends what We would do is throw on a spring dress, or if Your going to run some errands, just usually throw on a cropped hoodie and some leggings. But usually the best thing to do is have your outfit planned a day before or the night before you go to bed.

This way you’re not rummaging around your wardrobe trying to find something to wear especially if you don’t have that much time in the morning.


Breakfast is usually super light for us however breakfast is definitely necessary so depending on your appetite and what you’re used to definitely try to eat before you leave the house. Coffee is definitely a must for us in order to have to wake up and be energized for the day. A really good breakfast idea is a bagel with some cream cheese an egg on the side as well as a cup of coffee. But hey to each their own.

To-do list

One thing that we find is super helpful especially in the morning before you head out is creating a to do list so depending on what you’re doing that day having a  to do list is extremely productive. 

A morning routine can differ between a persons life style, how many family members a person has, if they’ve got me pets, but it also depends if the persons a student, a working adult, if they have kids etc. this is not the ideal morning routine but it’s a routine to help you get motivated to kickstart your morning. 

Have a Different morning routine? We’d love to hear it! @EpicBeatMag

-A Out