Trying out a product could be super exciting but when getting a reaction it actually could be super scary which is why here are some tips and tricks on how to handle a skin irritation, calm it down and understand how to prevent it from happening

Step One

Step one is to stop using the actual product itself we know that it might seem that your skin is purging but you should your skin shouldn’t hurt when using a new product. Especially if your skin starts to burn or if you start to receive any flakiness, itchiness or acne because of the new product.

Step Two 

Remove the product completely from your face by washing your skin with a fragrance free soap or a fragrance free wash to get rid of every single trace of the product. We have completely sensitive skin so one thing that we usually do it as we wash it three times just because the traces of the product might still linger so we wash our face three times.

Step Three

Step three is applying a calming lotion so if there is a lotion that you currently use that helps, irritation on your skin definitely use that one thing we definitely recommend is calamine and you can actually use an over the counter antibiotics such as hydro-cortisone if there’s any Itching.

Step Four

Definitely pay a visit to your dermatologist to see if there was any sort of ingredients in the products that you might be allergic to and in the meantime definitely try to apply a greasy hypoallergenic such as Sudocrem.

We all know that trying new products are definitely scary however try to set your skin care routine to all natural products especially if you have sensitive skin just so it doesn’t burn or blister.

Another thing that we do recommend is taking a look at the reviews as well as how many stars the product actually has online before purchasing it. Also read the reviews from people that have actually used it to kind of see if it’s something that’s tailor to your skin type or if it’s something that’s completely wrong for you.

Article by: Amanda Aziz