Being a fit person doesn’t mean that you have to be a bodybuilder or WWE wrestler.

We all know that it isn’t easy to workout everyday or to keep up with your physical performance, so this is why we thought we’d give you a couple of tips that can motivate you to keep going and help you reach your ultimate goal.

Let’s start off with some motivation from one of the best.

“Dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment.” Denzel Washington stated.

The quote above might sound a bit discouraging to many, but the reason why we placed it there is to place in your mind that YOU are the one who has to lay out some goals for yourself. Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. And remember, when you fall down, get back up 10X times stronger.

Now, let’s start with our tips shall we?!

  1. Walk every day

Run Epicly

This might seem like regular advice you get from your parents or from your doctor, but believe us it’s more than that. Ditching your car and taking the high road might be just what you need. Walk to work, walk to school, any location really helps you get moving. Helps you use your legs more, your heart rate increases whilst creating a momentum for your physical and mental health is what you might need to chill.

2. go for a Swim


A lot of people swim only in the summer, but you don’t have to join the Olympics to have a beneficial swim. It’s all about becoming healthier and exercising more. If you’ve never learned how to swim, look for your nearest sporting club for some swimming classes. This exercise will help your overall body shape.

3. Don’t use chemicals


Healthy eating should be a part of your everyday lifestyle, are we right?! But most people like to shorten the process of a “perfect body” by using chemicals. But if you MUST and your trainer advices you to use some “fat burners” before using chemically produced enhancers, think of these side effects;

  • Increased heart rate.

  • High blood pressure.

  • Agitation.

  • Sleeplessness.

  • Kidney problems.

  • Liver damage.

  • Rectal bleeding.



Last but not least, yoga is becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. It helps you become more aware of your posture, alignment, and movements which is extremely beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. Former star footballer Ryan Giggs said that yoga helped prolong his professional career, and he played football for 24 years! If yoga was good enough for him, it’s certainly good enough for you.

That’s it Epic Beaters, these are few ways to stay in shape. We didn’t go in further details, if you’re interested in especially more details about yoga you should probably read the second part of this article, by our Instructor Rowan Essam.



Author: Ibrahim Tarek