Hey ladies, if you are in a relationship and you’re struggling to see your other half during this global crisis we are currently living in right now. Or you’re in a long-distance relationship and things aren’t getting any easier with this pandemic.

Be sure to read this article, it might help you spice things up again!


Digital communication is the only way to keep you two in touch, or even see each other without breaking the safety restrictions.

So we’re here to give you some tips to help you on your digital date!

1: The Look


First of all, lets act like you’re going on a real date. So get ready, do your hair, makeup, and pamper yourself up! Trust us, if you like how you look you are gonna feel great about this!

II: The Meal

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Prepare your meal as if you’re going on a real date. But each of you will be cooking from their homes of course. Share recipes with each other before the date. Pick a dish you both can easily make and enjoy, and that will be your meal of choice.

When you’ve finished in the kitchen and the food is ready, take some time to prepare and organize your table where you will be eating.

Once done set your laptop or tablet there as well.

III: The Atmosphere


If we’re talking about video calls then lighting is everything! So find a good spot in your house where the lighting complements your features and that’s where the date will take place.

You can also add a few candles to give out a chill, romantic vibe to the place.

IV: The Music:


To have the perfect date, music is an essential component to set the mood. Prepare a playlist of your favorite songs, and throw in some of his as well.

Chose songs you’ve listened to together before, on a first date or on a fun road trip, anything reminiscent that will make them miss you.

V: The Conversation:

Start talking about your plans after quarantine! This will give you hope and will make you both excited about whats to come after this crisis ends.

Plan for a camping trip, a road trip, somewhere you’d want to travel to someday as a couple.

VI: Plan for your next video call


Challenge each other to cook something new together next time, or even plan to work-out together. Anything done together will strengthen your relationship with one another.

Follow these tips on your next video call and you will feel like you’re on an actual real date with your significant other. It will break that routine and will make you both feel happy.

We all know whats happening to the world right now is insane. But hopefully, it will all pass soon, and it may just be a test on how strong your love is for one another.

Stay strong you guys.… everything will get better soon, don’t lose hope and you will enjoy every day of your lives together!

Stay safe….stay home. And as always, stay Epic.

Author: Rowan Essam