The Making of the Ad That Made All of Egypt Want to Fall in Love!

This magical Ramadan has brought us a heartfelt and soulful story of love, patience and intimacy..

The delightful ad celebrating unionaire’s 25th anniversary, sprouted the seeds of love in our hearts with its uplifting music and the sultry voice of siren Sherine Abdelwahab.

Through the intricate and magnifying work by music production maverick, El Nabulsi, creating the necessary hook which amplified the expressive and emotional voice of Sherine allowing her to once again impact millions of viewers nationwide.

The Ad

Tailoring the music to suit the needs of the ad was a key challenges to overcome. In the words of El Nabulsi, “considering we had to try and create a musical frame and genre that we have not explored together in the past”.

Despite this they still managed to create a resonant musical piece that combined the genres of house and key orchestral elements. This was achieved with the assistance of the P.W. Strings Quartet, who were recording from all the way in London to contribute to this special film. They took on the ambitious step for this piece by setting foot in a genre that remains unexplored in the Middle East, but one which brought out a strength and beauty to what many fans and music listeners consider to be the ‘modern female voice of Egypt’.

The unique approaches taken with the musical component of the ad was mirrored in terms of its visual direction. Walking a fine line in its impact on the viewer, director Mohamed El Zayat shares that they had to be precise considering “the whole idea was to try to depict love across three generations without being cheesy or cliché”.

Focusing on acting as opposed to the locations or glamorous elements, considering the remarkable talents that were featured, the likes of as Mostafa Fahmy, Essaad Younis, Asser Yassin and Amina Khalil. The director wanted them to portray an authenticity that was as real as possible. “Besides working with these extremely talented actors, I wanted to make sure that the film felt realistic, so I was more interested in making it seem like we shot in real locations instead of sets, and wanted the cinematography to look realistic and void of any stylization while still looking classy and beautiful,” adds El Zayat. 

The film that was the product of a five-day shoot, and over 18 days of prepping, was a product of the efficient production by Good People films and creative by Wunderman Thompson Cairo are present at all levels. This visually captivating film came together with the help of a carefully selected crew, D.O.P Matt Ballard, editor Ahmed Assem, creative assistant Carine Howayek and assistant director Wael Mandour. 

In regards to the musical component of the ad, the talents of Sherine Abdelwahab once again touched the heartstrings of millions, through the careful direction and abilities of El Nabulsi and the powerful lyrics of Tamer Hussein, and composition by famed composer Amr Mostafa. The unique production has left El Nabulsi with a greater interest to take on further opportunities in the commercial world of advertising, and to expand the horizons of music production in the Middle East and continue to be an innovating force in the region.”

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