I remember being a wee introvert back in middle school spending most of summer break in my room. The internet was a vast playground – albeit with many landmines. The lack of socialization would drive me to the point of exploring self-streaming and ‘cam’ sites like Omegele. If anyone knows the culture behind such a thing, then you know what I mean by ‘landmines’.

Today, going on stream is different. With many social media sites like Facebook and Instagram adopting the ‘live’ component of video, people have become accustomed to broadcasting themselves on a whim.

Facebook and Instagram is overrated though. No? Okay, never mind. I thought we should take a look at some alternative sites that pertain to fresher – and hopefully – non-problematic communities.


As mainstream as the gaming-streaming service is, you’re 10x more likely to be a viewer than a streamer. How about you try it out?

Twitch has grown to be a giant in gaming media, even before it was bought by YouTube. This curfew season, we’re all playing video games. Whether it’s League of Legends, FIFA or even adventure games like The Witcher, there’s always someone somewhere who has nothing better to do than to watch you play.

You can even make some money if you’re dedicated enough.

Reddit Public Access Network

Or RPAN, is Reddit’s own live video. Integrated into their official mobile app, RPAN is a chill, lax, anything-goes (except violence and nudity) lounge where you’ll encounter many musicians taking song requests, people offering to give advice (which I’ve tried myself) and many more random but pure engaging moments.

The Reddit community is known for its multi-faceted sub-communities. RPAN brings them all together in a unified programming full of humor, amusement and good ol’ casual conversation.


Twitter’s 2015 child has somehow maintained relevancy (just enough to keep in the game) the past 5 years. It found traction again in this climate of self-quarantining and severe boredom.

While full of news, self-absorbed tech-talkers and life coaches, you’ll find many streamers broadcasting from their couches, in their pajamas, ranting about some beef they had on Twitter. How about you give it a shot!

Honorable mention: Houseparty is also relevant again. It’s not self-streaming but the group video call app is hosting many board loners right now.