As the world ramps up their efforts to fight COVID-19, countries like the Korea and the U.S. are getting creative and finding more solutions to prevent further spreading of the virus.

The U.S. is currently struggling to contain the spread. The federal government has missed the mark to ensure safety and contingency procedures for citizens during the course of the last month. Thanks to this lackluster approach, the situation has become strenuous and almost irreparable.

Coronavirus is known for its rapid spreading but low fatality rate. The virus is unique because in a matter of weeks, it was capable of interrupting economics and industries around the world.


Since the outbreak and lockdown in Italy, the Italian box office has reached an all time low. Italian cinemas shut down the past weekend and ticket revenues plummeted. They also closed down bars, clubs and sporting events such as their Serie A football league.

In China, citizens are finally reeling after a devastating death toll and an obtrusive lockdown in Wuhan. People are returning to their jobs and the government is attending to other non-pandemic related matters. The focus on the spread is still in effect, as travelers are quarantined in cities like Beijing.

The situation, once steady in Japan, has now ramped up with a spike in confirmed cases – along with the Diamond Princess cruise ship that experienced an impromtu quarantine after finding infected passengers.

As the world rushes to contain the virus, countries like South Korea and the U.S. are implementing creative tactics in their cities and districts.

In South Korea officials began testing hundreds of people every day using fast food-style drive-thrus. The US followed suit with Washington setting up tents on the campus of The University of Washington Medical Center. The testing site is only available to employees and students, but the university plans to expand the program to first responders, employees at long-term care facilities and UW patients later this week.


The drive-thru method has proven to be more efficient than other responses, as it limits human interaction further preventing the spread of the virus. It’s now operating in Houston, New Rochelle, Jacksonville and Anchorage. Washington currently has the second-highest number of cases in the U.S., second to New York, with 1012 confirmed cases and 52 deaths.

As we clamor to deal with this phenomena, universities and workplaces in Egypt have taken it to themselves to develop contingency plans in case of an outbreak or lockdown. We highly advise everyone to refrain from panicking and to rely on basic hygiene and the respect of personal space. Stay safe and stay epic!

Author: Ezz