Apple is known for their over-the-top gadgets, but recently things have just went up on a whole another level.

Let’s check out what’s new and what’s happening these days, shall we?

Wireless Chargers


Apple has been hinting that they will be coming out with a wireless charger rather than the old cord life we’ve been living in for decades. Gotta stay tuned for that one!

Watch Series 5

This is no ordinary watch, yea we’re all used to their iwatches over the years, but this one is INSANE.

Benefits; noise detector, monitors your heart beat, helps you crush your fitness goals, let’s you track your cycle ‘which is a definite bonus for you ladies’, and we can’t forget how EPIC the versatility of the kinds of straps and kinds.

AirPods Pro 


‘Magic Like You’ve Never Heard’

We all dread our headphones either breaking or the cord just tangles up way too many times during the day. So what better gadget to purchase than an air pod. Wireless and super user friendly. The anti-noise bit is perfect for just zoning out when you don’t want to listen to outside noise.  I love mine.

Charging Docks


Now instead of looking for your cord and then plug to attach the cord to it. Now you can purchase a ‘charging dock’ just place your iphone, ipad or iWatch and it charges for you! YES IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Docking Stand 


Instead of searching where to place your Macbook, now you can save space on that desk and get a docking stand. Perfect for you OCD-ers 😀

iPM 3-in-1 Fast and Wireless Charging Pad


Keep all your Apple techs charged all at once ladies and gents!

Heavy Duty iPhone cases 

ARE THE BEST! And super convenient.

It doesn’t just hold your phone; it’s like a mini wallet.

Get me one of these now, please and thank you!

iPhone Smart Battery Charger 


This one is EPIC! Instead of opting for a charging pad, that cord we keep losing,

iPhone Camera Lenses


How cool would it be to own one of these bad boys?! They legit make it seem like your iPhone is a professional camera. All you have to do is purchase this extension and place it on your phone’s cam and get ready for your mind to be blown! There are ranges of different kinds though, so get to searching!

Ok, so there are a TON of accessories brought to you and made for your Apple gadgets, but we’ll stop here! Because it can’t get any more EPIC than that!

Author: Zena Al-Arab