The Most Haunted Places On Earth: The Stories

We heard you! It seems like a lot of you guys enjoy a good spooky story. So we decided to turn our post into an article where we tackle each location mentioned in the post in detail. Now get ready to read some truly amazing stories where people have come face to face with the paranormal.

 Château de Brissac, France

Known as the “Giant of the Loire” it is the highest castle in France with 7 floors, 204 rooms and a private opera house that which seats 200 people.

Many spirits roam the castle, but the most active one is La Dame Verte (Green Lady). The illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII who was murdered by the hands of her husband in the castle, after being caught having an affair. Many people have reportedly seen her in the tower room of the chapel, wearing her green dress. With black holes on her face where her eyes and nose should be. If the physical apparition isn’t seen, people can hear her screams all over the castle at night.

The Stanley Hotel, USA

You might recognize the place from Stephen King’s “The Shining”

Stanley hotel is one of the most famous ghost hunting location for both professional and amateur ghost hunters alike. That’s why it’s known as ghost hunter Disney Land.

Almost every room had someone reporting something paranormal happening. From sightings of shadow figures, eerie laughing, flickering lights and objects moving on their own.

Alcatraz Island, USA

Alcatraz prison is one of the most haunted places In the world as it was home to a lot of notorious criminals such as Al Capone

In case you’re wondering why this prison is haunted, we’ll tell you a few reasons.

In 1933, the US decided to open a maximum security/minimum privilege prison to deal with the worst criminals of all time. Basically a real-life Arkham Asylum from the DC movies.

Any of the inmates that broke one of the prison’s many rules would be sent to what is called the “strip cell”

Before entering the cell prisoners must be stripped from their clothes. The cell had no mattress, no sink and of course no source of light whatsoever. Yeah and the toilet? Just a small hole in the ground.

Basically whoever enters this room has all sorts of hope and humanity removed from them, so there’s no surprise that some of their spirits still can’t move on from this place.

One of the most bone-chilling events that happened there was in the notorious 14D cell

A man died in the cell in a mysterious way where he was found strangled, security say that the night before his death he kept screaming that a creature with glowing eyes was trying to kill him. Creepy..

Jazirat Al-Hamra, UAE

Once a flourishing pearl fishing village, it was completely abandoned in the 1960s. Some say the reason is tribal conflict, but the most popular theory is that the village was abandoned because of ghosts.

Legend has it that the ruins is haunted by djinns the wander the dirt roads of the village disguised in animals. Most of the time visitors hear strange noises and spot ghostly figures in the houses.

Island Of Dolls, Mexico

The story of island of dolls is forever entwined with the story of Julian Barrera. A man in his 50s who decided to leave his family and leave in complete solitary on an island in Teshuilo Lake. One day while walking on the island he came upon the dead body of a girl that drowned in the lake and next to her was a doll. Ever since that, a lot of paranormal activity started happening on the island. From strange noises to ghostly apparitions. That is when Barrera decided on hanging up the doll he found on the tree as a way of sending away evil spirits. And he kept doing that till the day he died. Who did he die you ask? He was found drowned in the lake where he once found the little girl..

City of Salem, USA

Over 3 centuries ago, the city of Salem became famous due to its witch trials. Which led to the death of 19 men and women who were falsely accused of witchcraft.

One of the most famous haunted locations in Salem is the Burying Point Cemetery. Which is the second oldest cemetery in the country.

Many people who have visited this location have experienced the overwhelming feeling of sadness and despair, even people who are just passing by in the cars always get the feeling of being depressed for no reason.

Also, paranormal investigators were able to capture some shadowy figures, orbs, and apparitions.

One of the apparitions belongs to Mary Bright Corey, who died in August 28th, 1684. Due to the witch trials.

Another ghost that has been spotted by many is of a woman. Wearing a blue dress and holding a picnic basket in hand. Sometimes she has company too, people reported that they’ve seen her with a little boy standing next to her, many believe that they are mother and son who died in a fire.

Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

It is on the bucket list of all the brave ghost hunters out there. And it is known to be the place that caused the well-known crime boss Al Capone to eventually lose his mind.

His criminal network made sure that he was living luxuriously, his cell could be mistaken for a cozy living room full with oil paintings and fancy furniture. On the one hand he was living like a king, on the other he was being tormented by an unseen creature.

The mob boss would let out blood-curdling screams at night, begging someone named “Jimmy” to leave him alone. Many people believe that Jimmy is Jimmy Clark, who was assassinated by the men of Al Capone.

Eventually, he ended up in a mental hospital in the final years of his life.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

No matter where you are in Edinburgh, it’s hard to miss the giant fortress looking over you. It was once used as military barracks in the 17th century, meaning it has seen a lot of deaths, tortures and executions. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the place is considered as one of the most haunted places in all of Scotland.

One of the most famous ghosts in the castle is of a headless drummer boy, who would appear inside the castle beating his drum in an eerie way. Legend says that whenever he appears it’s an omen that the castle will be under attack. He was first seen in 1650, and shortly afterwards the castle was attacked.

Myrtles Plantation, USA

The mansion of Myrtles Plantation, boarded by a 125-foot veranda. The stained-glass front door leads into a grand foyer displaying a huge French crystal chandelier. Looks beautiful and actually livable, right? WRONG.

With 10 people being murdered in the mansion itself, it’s no surprise there have been so many reported ghost sightings, the most famous of which is Chloe, who had her ear cut off by her lover. She wears a green turban, peering intently at visitors while they’re in bed and has even appeared in a photograph. A more recent photo also shows another young girl, known as ‘Ghost Girl’ peering through the window of the house. More eerie sightings include a child bouncing on the beds, a soldier, a voodoo priestess and the ghost of a previous owner who was shot in the chest has been heard staggering up the stairs where he died.

Hope you guys enjoyed your time reading this article and got those bone-chills!

Sweet dreams everybody!