There’s something about being stuck at home for 3 weeks (so far) that makes you really think about all the things that you never appreciated enough when you could leave the house. One day life is normal and you could do whatever you wanted at any given moment and the next day that freedom all goes away. So, on a more positive note, we thought of all the things we should do more often once all this is over.

1.       Get Rid of Toxicity

   A lot of us have toxic relationships in our life, whether that be a friendship or relationship. These toxic traits in people really come out during times like these, when added effort is needed to maintain communication and bonds. Think of the people who aren’t reciprocating your efforts these few weeks and make a mental note that maybe they’re not as important as you thought.

2.       Visit Your Grandparents More

When your grandparents are part of our life, making time to visit them more often is something that’s always on the back of our minds. Life gets busy and sometimes you don’t see them as much as you wish you could but if this quarantine has taught us anything it’s that we should really be making time for them while we have the chance.

3.       Stop Sleeping on That Hobby

   When was the last time you thought to yourself “oh I’ll take that second language course next month” or “I don’t need to go to the gym now it’s not going anywhere” WELL I think we’ve all been proven wrong on that one huh? Once we’re back to the streets go book those piano lessons or renew your gym membership ASAP and stop putting things off.

4.       Nourish Relationships That Are Worth It

   Just like you could tell how toxic some people in your life are, you could also tell how incredible others are. Your friends who stood by you during these times are worth keeping forever, so remember to nourish that bond with regular catch ups and show them just how much they mean to you.

5.       It’s Adventure Time

   Last but not least, it would be really cool if you booked a short and local trip with friends or family once we could travel again. Have you always wanted to climb a mountain or visit a unique place in our country? Well let’s do it! You’d be supporting the tourism industry after a hard time so it’s a win-win situation really.

   Let us know if there’s anything you’d add to the list, if there’s anything we’re learning from this experience is that time is precious. Let’s all think of the good things to look forward to, for the meanwhile; stay home and stay safe!

Author: Sarah