Top 10 breakfast spots in Egypt you have to try!

Who doesn’t like mornings when you can have a delicious cup of coffee and tasty food? Life can get chaotic sometimes but Egypt has a certain cozy and warm feeling of everyday life.

Whether you are a tourist or a native you should be able to enjoy a delightful breakfast surrounded by an exceptional atmosphere; this will make your whole day better and your body ready for new adventures.

We can’t stress enough the importance of a good, tasty breakfast! It helps burn calories throughout the day, makes you healthier and improves memory and concentration.

But, we won’t just settle for any breakfast, right? So, we’ve gathered these top spots where you can get an amazing brunch experience in Egypt.

So, without further ado, here’s your EPIC list!


We’re starting our list with a place that never disappoints. We know consistency is key and Crave has been going strong, great food and great service. Their famous breakfast menu full of diversity is fresh and exquisitely delicious. They offer full meals of eggs, vegetables, sausages, and sandwiches.

There are 9 different branches all over Egypt, you can find the nearest one with an equally casual and comfortable atmosphere. But if you wanted to enjoy a nice sea view, Crave Alexandria ElShatby branch offers you one of the most beautiful sea views with big windows for a refreshing brunch experience.

You can check out their menu here

Paul Bakery, café and restaurant

This is the perfect place for a French breakfast, Paul offers everything from eggs to pastries to breakfast bowls to savory halloumi pancakes. The mouthwatering food they offer is an ideal way to kick start your day. Paul’s beverages and style will make you feel like you’re having the traditional classic meal in Paris itself.

You can find their menu here

Brew & Chew

Famous for its desserts and breakfast, but this restaurant offers a variety of unforgettable options; from croissants, to toasts, to eggs, and granolas, and much more amazing food. Also, their drinks are really good whether you’re a coffee person or you’re looking for tea or juice.

You can visit any of their 7 branches in Egypt, order their “signature breakfast”. You won’t regret it.

Check out the menu here!

Marriott Gardens (Garden Promenade Café)

Want to escape from the hustle and noise of Cairo? Have breakfast in the open air with an amazing Nile view. They serve an a la carte international breakfast in their garden restaurant. Also, good news for early birds out there; they open at 6 am. What a way to enjoy a peaceful morning with good breeze!

Imagine spending your morning in gardens, buildings with old historic section offering seclusion from the noise. The color of Marriott Gardens buildings match the desert sands, and the food offered goes from comforting yet interestingly western to local culinary delights.

Ralph’s German Bakery

This restaurant became the most popular breakfast and bakery in Dahab, Red Sea. But they also have a branch in Maadi, Cairo. You can get a full English breakfast there. Moreover, they offer perfectly delicious food. You have to try it yourself, because it’s like no other restaurant. The quality of food is great and the atmosphere is exquisite.

Take a Look at their menu here

Mohamed Ahmed

Queen Sofia of Spain eating fuul at Mohamed Ahmed in the year 25/11/1989

If you’re craving more Egyptian Oriental dishes “Mohamed Ahmed” is one of the top choices. This Classic Alexandrian breakfast place, has been there since 1932. Some very famous great people have eaten there; like Soad Hosny, Naguib Mahfouz, Demis Roussos in addition to foreign royalty, including Queen Sofia of Spain and Prince Henrich of Denmark.

You can get the classic dishes like shakshuka, Ful (fava beans), falafel/taameya, , moussaka’a, shami hummus and classic Egyptian pickles. The joy of an Egyptian breakfast is to eat from several different small plates, until you are absolutely stuffed. It’s also considered a Vegetarian restaurant.

Carlos Gleem bay

There is no way better to start your day off than a breakfast with beautiful sea view. So, here we chose one of the most popular restaurant in Egypt. There are many branches, but the one in Gleem bay, Alexandria wins our hearts with its beautiful scenery. The food? They offer a delicious breakfast menu with one of the best Spanish omelets and salads. The plate comes with different options to keep you satisfied and full.

Look at their menu here

Délices Patisserie Alexandria

Feeling fancy? Here’s an option with a sea view and amazing classic music, which makes you feel relaxed and at peace. It has been in Alexandria, Egypt since 1922. Delices’ breakfast is great and their portions are big. Also, their Greek and French desserts are delicious. They offer very special quality and taste, with a price that’s affordable.

Check out the menu here!

Eish + Malh

This Italian cuisine has many tasty options. But their pancakes, are perfect; fluffy, hot and fresh! Also, their pizzas and lattes are very tasty. It’s known to have great vibes, and very welcoming to different people. If you have a hybrid personality or have lived abroad for a while, you’ll feel like this place is home. Moreover, many young people go there. The place is very affordable and the service is great with friendly staff.

 Check out their menu here


Last but not least, Lokali is a restaurant that focuses on fresh and clean food from local farms, and it offers a great taste in a cozy garden in Maadi. The vibes and the breakfast make the experience wholesome. Moreover, they are also pet friendly! Their food can be very unique, but guaranteed to be the most delicious.

See their menu here