The world over is experiencing a significant shortage in medical masks – a necessary preventative measure against COVID-19.

Therefore, Corona virus has even fashion designers design their own ‘fashionable face masks’ for the world to use.

Some were donated, some are offered for people to purchase but then the proceeds will be donated for experimental trials for the COVID-19 vaccine or for helping the less fortune with help. This pandemic has us all fooled and what better way to use your resources to better and help the world.

Here are 5 Arab fashion designers who have taken the approach to designing and executing ‘fashionable face masks’.

1. @caicocotton


Cai cotton is an Egyptian based 100% Egyptian cotton clothing platform. Known for their baby basics, they decided to make 100% organic Egyptian cotton face masks for all ages. Shop on any of their platforms, @caicotton.

2. @temraza “Farida Temraz”

Top 5 Arab Fashion Designer's COVID-19 Masks — Epicbeat

Temraza, better known as the Best Female Couture Designer in New York Fashion Week 2017, and 1st Place Award in PFW 2015 has indeed participated in COVID 19’s face mask creation. But what made her so unique is that she will distributing these black masks to the police force.

The brand remarked that, “Masks are essential for Egypt’s Police Force who expose themselves on a daily basis […] to protect our country and community.” Chapeau Temraza!

Credits: @temraza

3. @Lamiarady @rigash “Lamia Rady”


Lamia Rady an Egyptian fashion designer who has started sewing face masks for medical facilities in response to the spread of the disease in order to help the medical and hospital staff during this pandemic.

“I truly believe that it’s my duty to help my community in any way I can,” Rady — founder of contemporary clothing line Rigash — told Arab News. “I saw other international brands creating masks for hospitals in their area. So I grabbed my machine and I started sewing. I’m quarantined at home so I make them myself.”

“The masks are made of 100-percent cotton,” she explained. “They are reusable and comfortable for users.

Credits: Arab News

4. Omani


Is a known fashion bran. The designer behind this brand has announced that “She will be using deadstock fabric to manufacture and distribute reusable face masks. She will be producing approximately 200 masks per week and giving these out free of charge with online orders and distributing them to organizations in Oman that help those in need.”

Credits: Arab News

5. #thread4cause


Is not a fashion designer but it is a campaign that has gone global. This initiative is giving fashion designers the opportunity to join this cause.

DUBAI: The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) has partnered up with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to launch #thread4cause, a new initiative that gives the chance for Arab designers to help this cause by providing their fashion sense, resources, skills and production houses the opportunity to help the world. With face masks, hand sanitizers etc..

Uniting makes things happen people!

All in all, I hope this article gave you the push or maybe the voice you needed to step up and help in some way or another.

Help each other with the easiest act, #stayhome #staysafe #stayathome people. You too can save the world.

Author: Zena Al Arab