Netflix is struggling to keep up with all the self-quarantiner-ers that have nothing better to do than to binge Suits for the umpteenth time. So as a thank you, let’s shine a light on their many other shows that go unnoticed.



Based on an 80s women’s wrestling program of the same name, GLOW (acronym for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) revolves around a diverse cast of characters who had to resort to an ambitious attempt at syndicated professional women’s wrestling.

This series is a fictionalized rendition of the wrestling show, but the spotlight is on the characters that come to work day-in and day-out to put on a show for what slowly becomes a dedicated fanbase.

Featuring Allison Brie and Marc Maron, this comedy layers itself with the hardships that follow struggling women in the 80s who have to fight to be taken seriously – as well as the show producers who have to fight for their vision when no else wants to support it.

At 3 seasons with a fourth coming soon, GLOW takes you on a cathartic and heartfelt journey that’s led by a brilliant cast who all have great stories to tell.

American Vandal


In an attempt to satirize true crime docs, American Vandal follows culprits of hilariously petty crimes in the most ironically dramatic of productions.

Featuring YouTuber Jimmy Tatro, this comedy gives space for breakout performances by an ensemble cast. The series follows two students who have a passion for making documentaries. Along the ride are the suspects being questioned for the crimes committed. What unfolds in the two seasons will make you laugh while keeping you on the edge.

F Is for Family


Pitched by and starring global comedian Bill Burr, this Netflix animated series reflects middle class America in the 70s.

While a comedy, the raunchy series continuously dips into confrontational and hard-to-watch moments of a cynical father who is struggling provide for his family – not just financially but emotionally.

Frank, voiced by Burr, is held back by a cruel upbringing and a society that imposed a meaningless facade of masculinity by which to abide. While constantly lacking the capacity to be present for his wife and children, we follow him as he’s tested time and time again by his paternal duties and unforgiving dead-end job.

As bleak as it sounds, F Is for Family rewards viewers with eventual character growth that impacts the world around him – which is the kind of inspiration we need right now.

Grace and Frankie


While it has always been one of Netflix’s flagships, Grace and Frankie remains underappreciated for the buddy-comedy that it is.

Starring Hollywood vets Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, this digestible but often emotional slice of feel-good follows two recent divorcees who have no choice but to share the ‘rest of their lives’ together.

As polar opposites, their adventures are funny, sweet and representative of a demographic, that isn’t known for it, but wants to have just as much fun as us ‘youngins’.



YouTube news and doc sensation Vox have their own Netflix show! With its popular production style and absorbable narration, Explained – well – explains various topics and sub-topics that, for a moment, will have you feeling like you finally understand the world around you.



This grim and dreary crime drama follows the family of Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, who’s forced to relocate to the ominous Ozarks – a Missouri not-so-dandy vactionland.

The Netflix exclusive was compared to Breaking Bad for its focused and finely-tuned story that leaves little room for errors while providing unnerving suspense.

The series also features Oscar-winner Laura Dern who is perfect in everything.

I Think You Should Leave


This sketch comedy show is brought you by Tim Robinson, one of SNL’s newer cast members for a couple of years now.

Upon release, the series was immediately well-received by critics and comedians for its constantly fresh and absurd sketches that scratch an itch many didn’t know they had.

Led by Robinson, often joined by guest stars, I Think You Should Leave is packed with many surprises that will leave you hysterical.

Let us know if you think we missed something. Stay safe and stay EPIC!

Author: Ezz