Although 2020 was a year that no one wants to remember, it really revealed a lot to us and forced us to change our perspectives on things. So, we asked people from different ages about what they learned from 2020.

Here’s is what they said:

“This year taught me to be patient and that no matter how bad things get, everything eventually falls into place, like puzzle pieces. It also taught me to always be grateful and look at things from a different perspective.” – Rowan, 24, Cinematographer

“I learned to never try predict the future, because no matter how much we try, the expectations will always be different from reality.” – Aya, 24, Orthodontist

”2020 made me realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable, cry, and share these feelings with other people. It’s okay to ask others for help; it’s a strength, not a weakness.” – Menna, 23, Flight support director

I learned that TikTok isn’t as bad as everyone thought it was at first. It actually helped me get through most of quarantine.” – Lilo, 14, Artist

That Isolation and lockdown have been a great opportunity to hone new and existing skills.” –Osama, 26, Musician

Have faith in what’s yet to come, even if you don’t what you want, you’ll end up getting exactly what you need.” – Kareem, 31, Construction Manager

”Being assertive can save your ass, and trust me when I say that hard times create strong men.” – Fady, 32, World Traveler

“To appreciate my family more. Our family has never spent this much time together before; so I’m very grateful, patient and kinder to my family. I also learned to focus on something positive each day, and simply keep moving forward.” – Yasser, 68, Retired Pilot

“I learned that I am the only one who can create my own happiness.” – Sandy, 31, Teacher

”2020 taught me that people aren’t always those who say they are, especially the so-called friends. Hardships always manage to reveal people’s true colors.” – Mirna, 24, Teacher

”2020 taught me to value my family, and the time spent with them, in ways I never really could before. They are the only ones who got my back literally whenever I need them, and so they are the only ones who truly deserve my time and energy. I would never trade them for the world.” – Mais, 29, Teacher

”2020 taught me to be patient with myself before others, and to believe that everything will fall into place on its exact right time.” – Sohaila, 30, Teacher

”This year has taught me to truly value time; it taught me to be mindful to the moment and to enjoy what surrounds me, because I might not get to live it again.” –Nour, 15, High School Student

”2020 has taught me to put my mental and physical health in the forefront of my mind, because they deserve to be. I might need a genie to have ultimate health, but I don’t need one to do my best version of self-care.” – Mai, 24, Clinical Pharmacist

”It taught me that I can do better than I actually think, be stronger, accept more offered opportunities, push my limits and to always aim to be more than I thought I’d ever be.” – Mariam, 24, Dentist

Nothing can stop you, even a pandemic. You just need to think outside the box.” – Mostapha, 26, CEO